songbird singing on a branchThis page features articles on books, writing, and other topics that may be of interest to a diverse group of thinkers, learners, and seekers.

Some of these articles are relevant to anyone and everyone interested in seeking wisdom. Others are on special-interest topics that may be more relevant to some folks than others. I invite you to pick and choose among the articles here, reading those that pique your interest and ignoring the rest. I will be writing more articles and posting them on this page, so do check back for updates. Enjoy!

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Articles for Blog Readers

laptop on desk with images for blog and mug and book 

How to Comment on a Blog Post – Easy Instructions


Articles for Job Seekers

office buildings under a blue sky . . . where you could get a job by using unconventional strategies 

How to Get a Job the Unconventional Way


Articles for Lifelong Learners

a book that is difficult to read - published in 1694, in Bologna 

How to Read a Difficult Book


Articles for Patients

Eiffel Tower 

Never in a Million Years: Migraines and Other Health Issues


Articles for Professionals

sending an email in company meeting 

If vs Whether: Grammar at Work


Articles for Students

Yale University doorway arch of old brick building with wrought iron door 

Books to Read Before College – Prime Your Mind!