songbird singing on a branchI am excited to launch this new page—it is February 2019 as I write this—on which I will share tips about books, writing, and other topics that may be of interest to a diverse group of thinkers, learners, and seekers.

In contrast to my blog on the Home page, this Tips page will feature articles on special-interest topics that may be more relevant to some folks than others; meanwhile, the blog is intended to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone interested in seeking wisdom. Since the articles here are written for specific audiences, they will not be featured in their entirety in the newsletter; however, links to them may well appear there. I invite you to pick and choose among the articles here, reading those that pique your interest and ignoring the rest. Enjoy!

Articles for Blog Readers

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How to Comment on a Blog Post – Easy Instructions


Articles for Students

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Books to Read Before College – Prime Your Mind!